About the Abyss

The name CupcakeAbyss is actually a random name generated by PlayStation when I was registering for my first account. I fell in love with it and use it for almost everything. The name sums be up as a person: mostly void & partially frosting (yes this is a Welcome to Nightvale reference).

Lately, I’ve been trying to stop passively thinking about creating and actually dedicating some time to it. Carving out space for me to put down my calculator and just let my mind be free. Give myself a healthy habit and safe space outside of my nine-to-five. I had stopped drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing because I felt that I was only allowed to do these things if it was going to turn a profit. The idea that all artists need to monetize their craft has been really bugging me.

Trust me, if I could survive off of my creativity alone, I would do that in a heartbeat! The problem I have is that if I bring up being “a creative” (as I’ve been labeled by my friends) or talk about a project that I’m working on, suddenly I need to have a brand, a social media presence, a following, a shop, metrics and activity! So much additional stress for someone who just makes to make pretty or tasty things.

Creating and learning gives me serotonin and that’s why I do what I do. Everything else, is well…

Just frosting

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